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11-18-2013, 09:21 PM
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Brandon Prust @BrandonPrust8
I wonder if @danawhite even cares about GSP's head issues. If he's done making him millions I doubt he cares anymore

Dana White @danawhite
@BrandonPrust8 Hes not done. We've both made $. Who praises GSP more than me? His after fight speech wasnt the way 2do it GSP knows that now

Brandon Prust @BrandonPrust8
@danawhite just make sure u look out for our boy.. Outside the octagon. Merci
As for the TMZ ****, it's just that: ****. Wouldn't doubt there being some serious mental health issues with GSP. The way he was rambling and slurring and just not making much sense in general during the press conference worries me. He also alluded to his eye. Probably losing vision in it. I hope GSP doesn't get guilted into fighting again just so Dana can get another big money PPV at the expense of GSP's mental health.

I hope he steps away and opens up that karate school he wanted to. He'll be just fine financially. He's made a lot of money.

Obviously, it's just speculation, but yeah, it's more likely than the **** TMZ put up. That's such a joke.

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