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11-18-2013, 09:43 PM
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Originally Posted by durojean View Post
GSP did in this fight what he always does. Making sure the microstats goes in his favor in case it comes to a decision. That's called playing with the system and it did work with that fight. This time he just did it standing up instead of on the ground.
He didn't even do that.

There's two ways to evaluate this fight, on a performance rating, or on a ten point system which is what the judges use.
Both of these systems are flawed if used alone, however the performance rating will likely be a lot closer to the reality.
The ten point system is extremely flawed and I don't even believe the judges use it properly. Fightmetric is the official and only statistical breakdown provider of the UFC. Even according to them, using a ten point system, Hendricks wins 48-47.
According to the performance rating, Hendricks wins 364-315, which is a lot more representative of the reality of this fight.

GSP suffered a concussion in the fight, he lost vision in his eye, he lost memory, he leaves the Octagon as an absolute mess that couldn't string two sentences together, he's bloody and completely bruised, he got destroyed damage wise. The performance rating shows it. Meanwhile, Hendricks is smiling without a scratch.
Listen, I love GSP, I'm a big fan of his and an obvious supporter being from Mtl, but he got owned in that fight and it was evident.

The problem here is that the ten point system they're using is extremely flawed. It leads to very controversial decisions such as this one.
How do they rate the damaging affect of one punch thrown from Hendricks vs GSP's?? What's more valuable, a kick to the inside leg or a punch to the stomach? A takedown or a connecting right hook? Is taking down a wrestler more earning than a striker with poor takedown defense?

There is no way anybody can actually argue that GSP indeed won this fight. If this was a street fight, nobody thinks GSP wins, heck, I'm pretty sure 99% of the people watching thought GSP lost. But because this stupid judging system is so horrible, some people are now changing their minds because a little stat shows GSP threw a few more strikes in the first round, regardless of their actual damage or impact.

GSP lost this fight. There's no question about it.

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