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11-18-2013, 10:44 PM
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Originally Posted by durojean View Post
For a guy who was supposed to beat GSP and be so full of energy Hendricks sure lacked a lot of it in the fifth round.

GSP completely dominated that round, it wasn't even close and that's the round that sealed the deal. He finished on top of Hendricks for Price's sake !

He maybe looked tireless but that's part if his game. Hendricks was as gased as GSP in the end, you could see it at the beginning of the round when he was trying to motivate himself by singing his song.

I think what GSP did was messing with Hendricks rythm majing him believe he was in control while beating him in most round.

As for the missed memories, when he said that I really thought it was him making jokes and it got out of proportions. I think what he wanted to do is give props to Hendricks power. There's no way you could stand up to a guy like Hendricks while not knowing what you're doing.

If he did that good of a fight while being in depression he would of kill Johny if he woukd have been in a good state of mind.

GSP did in this fight what he always does. Making sure the microstats goes in his favor in case it comes to a decision. That's called playing with the system and it did work with that fight. This time he just did it standing up instead of on the ground.
"Dans mon livre moi",

If you don't give 100% effort in the fight, you don't even DESERVE to win. Hendricks told during the post fight press conference that he only went 70% of power against GSP and that it was enough...what a stupid comment. Seriously, I am no fighter, but when you don't go in that Octogone and you don't give everything you have, then you don't deserve ANYTHING. Same thing goes for Rory MacDonald..he deserved to get beat up like that against Lawler...the kid doesn't seem to understand..If you train with GSP, at least model yourself after his perseverance and the way he puts his heart out there. That's a true champion, not Hendricks "Mr Excuses" champion.

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