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11-19-2013, 12:27 AM
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That 'Leafs wanted Mantha' thing was mentioned during the draft on TV when Detroit picked him. The commentator on TSN said something along the lines of 'Oh, the Leafs won't be happy about that. I know they wanted Mantha and tried to move up to get him before Detroit'.

Who knows about the accuracy of that, but it seems realistic. Mantha is a beast.
Still, as easy as it is to feel what could have been, there's little point now.
Gauthier could easily be the better player of the two. It's just too early to tell for sure.

Honestly, my #1 concern about Gauthier from what i've seen so far is that he doesn't use his frame offensively in a league nowhere near his power level. Not for a lack of caring entirely, just that he seems to lack the needed aggressiveness to maximize the potential of his size. He uses it defensively, but not near as well offensively. He has the frame and ability to blow past the tiny little no future players that are the 3rd and 4th lines of every team in Junior and also most teams 2nd lines with extreme ease. Heck, with his frame and speed he should be able to dispose of a lot of 1st liners besides the real studs. He's just way more developed physically than they are. NHL aside for the moment, in the Q, he should be able to have his way any number of times, and i just wish he'd do it more often. Maybe he can't jump right into the NHL and do that with NHL players today, but you got to learn how it feels to do it sometime. You got to learn the moment to know how it's done so it can be accomplished later in the NHL.

More often than not, you can't count on that use of size to cultivate if it's not there. Sometimes, but not in the majority.

Mantha is already doing that, so i'd have picked him over Gauthier ... but if Gauthier ever learns how to do it too, effectively, then he could easily be the more valuable player. ...

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