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Originally Posted by S Bah View Post
The day has long since passed that trading for Kane is worth pursuing, same with Bogosian, it would take some serious work to break the bad habits acquired while toiling in Winnipeg. That said the Habs have talent in Hamilton learning the Habs system and becoming very solid defence prospects for them.

The drafting of McCarron and Connor Crisp will offset the grit I perceived they needed in E. Kane. The offence will come from many sources besides the Egg line, De la Rose is a player that could become a part of another line with scoring prowess. Defence being the key to good offence, knowledge not lost in the Habs system.

Collberg is no doubt the best prospect the Habs have in their immediate future and with fellow Swede De la Rose making 2/3 rds. of a potential line. Leaving a hole at LW, which could be filled by Bournival, his speed, checking, and tenacious take no prisoners play would mesh well with the two Swedes IMO. Thus making a good 3rd line as they break into the NHL and learn by experience, without the pressures to produce evident when playing top six minutes.

Obviously my point here is the Habs have prospects in their system, they aren't without options and better options than forcing events that can occur naturally. Bergevin's patient approach is working without trading players that haven't reached their eventual potential or draft choices that weaken the team.

Now that most of the players are back from their injuries, the Habs have an opportunity to watch the team produce and evaluate the talent. After the GM sees their progress is when to decide if moves need to be made or not, and whether our own prospects can fill any needs.

My thinking is the Habs have the players on the team or coming through the system already and trades aren't necessary unless it's one to good to pass up. Usually anything that looks to good to pass up has flies on it and teams are trying to unload horse manure, something ice hockey doesn't need.

In closing unless Bergevin can get draft choices for players that don't fill needs, don't trade.
I think waiting for all these prospects to develop is not a good idea, not entirely. Most great teams do not become so with merely guys brought up in their own organizations, there are usually trades and signings that have monumental impacts that push teams over the top. It's about find the right balance and having the right GM to pull these moves off. As it stands, I am not sure if Montreal has enough dynamic talent on offense in their prospect pool to skimp by on such, nor do we have enough defensive options to lay pat. At some point, a big move will have to be made.

That being said, I agree that trading for Evander Kane is not really the move I have in mind. I dunno, even in his days with Giants back home in Vancouver, he always came off as a narcissistic ****** bag. I am all for having skill with our "character," in fact I value it more than anything, but sometimes I wonder when the other issues start overlapping the talent at hand.

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