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11-19-2013, 08:09 AM
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Originally Posted by tornmeniscus View Post
I expect a hit like this. Unpenalized and certainly no suspension. If Nash isn't playing, then McD gets it.
A game misconduct will be pretty pointless after Nash is already on the ice again feeling woozy. That's the problem here. Nothing is actually deterring idiots like Lucic from taking liberties in the first place. Fighting him after the fact will solve nothing.

I'm not saying do nothing, and as much as I hate wishing ill-will on anyone, if someone runs Nash again a Rangers player better step up to the plate and practically decapitate one of the other teams star players. If the league isn't going to actually crack down then the players need to take an actual eye for an eye which means giving one of their players the same trip to the IR. Maybe once all the league's best players are leaving every other period on stretchers the league will do something of significance.

The current state of dirty plays in the NHL is disgusting.

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