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11-19-2013, 09:11 AM
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Originally Posted by Thesensation19 View Post
Crossfit is not like riding a motorcycle. In no way or degree will I ever agree with that statement.

Also, just stating the word "many" does not mean anything to me. It should not mean anything to anyone on here. I see many injuries with people just going to LA fitness or working out in their home. I see many people getting hurt walking up/down the stairs. And it doesnt mean much in the context that you used it, that your wife and relatives are certified in any degree pertaining to this.

What is "many". How many. What type of CF injuries.

And even when you answer that. I will already know the answer. Its typical among any HIIT when form is lacked, when balance is unfocused. When people only care about lifting and working out, and forgetting that warm ups, cool downs, recovery treatments, nutrition is all important.

My friend only uses machines and dumbells in his work outs. Idk why. Hes at least 50lbs heavier than me, and he doesnt lift heavy at all in reference to his weight. I lift heavier than he can on a regular basis. Easy. I work out much more than him, I include OLY Lifts in my routines, and running and I do more on a daily basis than he probably does in 2-3 days. Yet, just by doing machines he always gets a hurt back. In fact sometimes he gets it so bad that he has to stop for a week or more and at one point I believe he had a herniated disc.

So im doing more crossfit like work outs. He is typical guy you see at a globo gym. And why have I never been hurt seriously. NOt even close. Not like... ooooo that was a close one with my back. Why? Because I followed the simple basic teachings that I learned on Crossfit Journal Intro Class. About warm ups, weights, form. Stretching.

If some crossfit athlete doesnt stretch properly before a big work out. Thats his fault. Not the gym or the class. Same goes for what he eats, what he does in between classes.

Crossfit is very sustainable. It just depends whats your weights. If I can snatch 150lbs... Someone else shouldnt be doing that same weight. Maybe they do more or less.

I see plenty of great stories and articles and medical journals about 80 year old WOMEN still doing Crossfit.

Women in their second trimester still performing Olympic lifts.

Children who work out in crossfit gyms

It is sustainable. Its amazing if you remember Crossfits #1 rule. Not from a single affiliation. Their main idea from the big boss himself.

First is Focus. Second is form. Third is intensity.

Whatever you do. Whether you join a Box. Or do crossfit like stuff at your own place. Remember those things.

You can do a 20 minute WOD. But you can also work out later on in the day and specialize in certain work outs that you wnt to improve in. Like squats.
I think I'm going to trust the knowledge of medical specialists with Ph.D's from Johns Hopkins and Emory and from respected, longtime fitness professionals like Mark Rippetoe in the articles that I linked over some moron that mindlessly spews information that he just read in a blog in every thread on here. You have no background in medicine or therapy other than what you Googled after reading this. No one cares about you, your workouts, or your buddies workouts. Thanks for your long-winded and pointless reply, per your usual.

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