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Originally Posted by Jarick View Post
I've got a few problems with Crossfit...

First, it's short on safety. Lifting should not be done for speed. That's incredibly stupid. A lot of the form is bad. Kipping? No.

Second, there's poor progression. You're not growing lifts with WOD so much as randomly doing a bunch of stuff. If you want to alternate lifting days with cardio, that's fine, but you should be trying to work towards something with both of them. Have a plan.

Third, it's cultish. One of my best friends wives got pulled into the cult and ran off with another guy leaving him to deal with the kids and the financial fallout.
1) The concept of Crossfit is actually very much on safety. I would be naive to think that some trainers, some crossfitters, and some people who have done crossfit lack the knowledge of form and focus on their lifts. But it would be naive for any of you to believe that Crossfit lacks the knowledge of form and balance on lifts, pull ups, and what ever else they do (swimming, gymnastics, lunges, dips, muscle ups, wall balls). There are dozens of journals presented each week about form. Their introduction classes all talk about form. I am sure that the competitive ones can go out of form on some lifts, but if you watch professional weight lifters you will see them go out of form all the time. If you want to see gains, you have to push your body past its limits. Every kind of athlete will agree with me on there. And guess what. Going past your limits can include high reps, high volume and when you do those things you might lose form. You cant be high in form all the time. We are not perfect. But the most knowledgeable crossfitters are the ones who are in form consistently. So just make sure you know what your doing when you join a gym, a box, sign up with a trainer. Dont put all your trust in any of those things. Do your own research, your own practice.

2) Could not disagree with you any more on this subject. You can see fantastic gains doing Crossfit. But get off the subject of Crossfit for a second. Crossfit embodies MANY MANY MANY of the same things of the Eastern Bloc Training methods that led the Soviet Union, Yugoslavia, and many European countries to hundreds and hundreds of gold medals. Including the understanding of plyometrics, olympic lifts, high reps, METABOLIC CONDITIONING (in Crossfit this is known as a Met-Con). And when they won... no one cared. They awed in their power and results. Now that it has a business model around it, everyone goes nuts on the subject to attack it.

Believe it or not. Go look up some of the best athletes in any sport and you might find plenty of people who do very much of the same thing Crossfitters do. I know Brent Burns does Crossfit. Competes too. Matt Duchene, Sidney Crosby and anyone else who works out with Andy Obrien, there stuff is a lot of the same ideaolgy of crossfit. Look at St. Louis and people at his gym. Doing non-stop sleds, wall balls, high box jumps, squats... THAT IS CROSSFIT! Theres no Leg day at St. louis routine. Everyday he hits the legs.

Go look at an Olympic Lifter for the USA. Jon North. He will train 3x a day, for 2-3 hours on squats/deadlifts/good mornings/C&Js and other stuff for 6x a week and sometimes a 7th depending on coaches mood.

Kobe Bryant was asked if he would do Crossfit. He looked at some videos and said I dont do "Crossfit" but that stuff they do. HIIT, Squats, Snatches, resistance training, wall balls, high box jumps, pull ups. Thats a whole lot of what he does in preperation for a season.

I can go on and on on. About how much BULL**** the YOUR MUSCLES NEED A REST is.

Crossfitters all the time say I hate rest days. I feel worse if i had to take a rest day for whatever reason.

Jaromir Jagr doesnt take rest days. He works out squatting and ankle weights and power skating everyday during the season!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And he was taught to do that by guys like Paul Coffey and other bad ***es.

Gary Roberts who is picking up popularity with his training ideas has work outs VERY VERY VERY similar to crossfit. I think he even has an article where he applauds it. And said that if Steven Stamkos didnt stop his training and his diet half thru his 60 goal season, then he would have had a better finish than he did.

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