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11-19-2013, 10:40 AM
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Originally Posted by Miamipuck View Post
These fights were both about even that last punch in the first fight didn't even connect.
Funny how in many fights people think because the guy fell he lost, lol ok. "OMG he fell, Holy crap he lost"
Yeah--you have to kind of ignore the Bridgeport announcer. The last two punches are by Gallant--the first skims off of Dylan's helmet as he's ducking away and Gallant moving in at the same time kind of knocks him off balance--that's why he falls and then the last punch glances off his shoulder or maybe not. It didn't land to the side of the head. Basically it's Gallant as Joe Frazier--smaller guy who wants to turn everything into a brawl and McIlrath as Muhammed Ali--taller guy wanting to pick off the other guy and avoid getting really tagged. The fight was a draw.

More or less the Johnson fight was a draw with maybe Johnson a slight edge. It was hard to tell what was landing and what was not. Considering that McIlrath had already once in the same period Johnson had that to his advantage as well.

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