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11-19-2013, 09:46 AM
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Originally Posted by Tikkanen View Post
It's also incredibly expensive from the small amount of research I've done. I'd like to try it for a month just to see how it is, just don't see myself paying $150 a month and maintaining that energy level at 40 years old every time I want to go to the gym. I'd need a needle.
Finally a sensible argument.
You are incredibly right! It is soooo expensive. My gym here is $175 a month.
Which I believe I would do but the classes are not in my time range. The classes are either 5am, during work or 7pm. So its like ahhh do i want to pay 175 to miss a bunch of classes.

But i am heavily considering it. And I am considering it more and more because Im the type of guy (23 years old) who loves working out and going past my limits and learning functional movements.

I love seeing pregnant women doing it, little kids doing it, 80 year olds doing it.
Theres no excuses. The volume is always scaled for anyone (even just beginners) but you have to find the right gym,.

The reason Crossfit is so expensive is because it gives you gymnastics, olympic lifts and several personal trainers ON TOP of several different classes in speciality courses, defense classes, swimming, yoga, whatever (depending on the gym you go to)

And one of those things... might cost over $100 a month to do. Real ones. Like Muay Tai is another great class to do and thats almost 200 in some places. And thats just one form of training. Personal trainers too. That can go way past 200.

In 175 a month. You have several courses and classes you can do. You have open gyms. And unlimited classes.

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