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11-19-2013, 10:53 AM
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Originally Posted by Tikkanen View Post
It's also incredibly expensive from the small amount of research I've done. I'd like to try it for a month just to see how it is, just don't see myself paying $150 a month and maintaining that energy level at 40 years old every time I want to go to the gym. I'd need a needle.
Btw its a bad excuse if your saying because your 40 or because its 150.

1) 150 is unlimited a month. Go after different packages. And groupon always has different deals. Like i saw once 30 bucks for 15 classes or something. and all crossfits have their own free intro class. My cousin went, just started to get into working out. Use to be a isolated type of guy and lift heavy and have supplements. Through my learnings from MOSTLY (not all) crossfit related stuff I got him into eating REAL foods, doing functional training, and stretching. He went and he LOVESSSSSS it now. No real athletic background either.

2) 40 years old is an excuse. I am 24 soon and I am sure Ill hear my fair share of wait til you get my age or whatever. But thats the thing. By doing functional training exercises, focusing on recovery and stretching and eating real foods and what not. When I am 40. I wont feel like you will.

What? You think its just Luck that guys like Chelios, Jagr, Messier can play professional hockey way past 40?

NO! Its called never letting you body become comfortable with rest. Always training it one way or another. Yes genetics does play a part but you cnat control that. Control what you can. Get up every morning and go for a jog and if you cant jog then stretch. Eat healthy, real clean food. Work out every day and do something new. One day I do squats and dips. Another I do a full met con. Another I do dead lifts and back extensions. And im being modest with that... I am in the gym for about 2 hour and every time I do a 15 minute warm up, a 15 minute cool down included.

Sleep at least 7.5 hours a day. Try to. I tryto get 8 with my work load

And theres no excuses. I work at an engineering firm from 7am to 7pm I leave my house with an hour of commute each way.

I do this cuz i love it. Maybe everyone cant have my work out load for just that average joes like us. But at least stretch everyday, and when you work out do functional based stuff. Replace those bicep curls with pull ups. Replace machines with deadlifts and squats. Get off the Smith machine too. Do a jog. Learn the differ between a static and dynamic stretch. Eat the right amount of calories, Not less because you want to look better. Work out more to look better.

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