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11-19-2013, 11:16 AM
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Forget my rambling above.
Listen to this. Its real simple. I speak so aggressively about it because I believe in it. I believe its right, and I believe its great and I have seen personal gains. Forget any article you read or headlines you saw or science to argue either side. Listen to my experience real fast.

I use to do isolated lifts. Split my muscles up. Eat kind of good. I mean I ate home cooked meals (European) at least 5x a week and the other two was usually like Pizza or Chinese or some sandwhich.

Well. I felt fine then. But I knew I could do better. I could do more.

I found guys like Andy Obrien and Gary Roberts and found Crossfit. I found this link...

Its a pdf. If that does not work. then here is the link to quickly download the pdf (takes 2 seconds)
on the right hand side

I read it. I read basically 90% of all its theory. Its the basic ideology of crossfit. And it pretty much goes hand in hand with what Gary Roberts and Andy Obrien teach their students (both proessuional athletes and everyday joe smoes).

It talked about how nutrition is huge. Super foods. More veggies. Some fruit. No added salt, no added sugar. Eat lots of protein, but eat a balanced meal of carbs and fats too.

It talked about functional work outs in Gymnastics and Olympic lifting and sprinting and plyometrics.

Work out 3x, 1 rest day (which does not mean sit on the couch) and then 3x a again in a differ order.

It talks about metabolic conditioning. Something that the Soviet union did. I love their training.

So I switched my entire life to this lifestyle.
No more bicep curls. Now I do more pull ups, and chin ups and reverse rows.
No more machines. I do real squats, real deadlifts and now I do Snatches and Clean and jerks. BIg complex but simple movements that need flexibility and power. In doing work. I am improving force and thus improving my strength and speed and acceleration. F=ma. W=Fd
I started to forget about overhead dumbell shoulder press and do dips.

I mean, once ina blue moon i like to add these curls and isolated movements. But they are what I call my side dish.
First I focus on main dish lifts. Big complex functional, full body compound routine. Then once in a blue moon I add in a bit of isolated stuff.

I changed my diet. I am not paleo. I am not zone. I eat less bread and less gluten. In fact I sometimes get rid of it. I replaced it with veggies and salad and some fruit. I only add salt (must be real unprocessed salt, not table salt. Like sea salt is great) to my cooking. Nothing after. Sugar. I rarellllly ever have. If I do, I have a little bit in my coffee like once a week. I eat more super foods like Kale, Blue berries, avacados, Cocunut and honey.

And heres the big thing.
I LOVE IT. I never felt better. I add in some yoga a week. I do some running on the same days because it makes me feel great. If i feel pain, I dont over exert myself. If i feel sore. I warm up properly and be wary of it. But I hitthe gym hard. No cell phone. No distractions. 45 min lifts. 15 min stretching and warm up. 15 min cool down and stretch. Basically every day.

if i cant work out. I stretch. Or go for a quick jog or row.

People who say Crossfit work outs dont relate to sports is being dumb.
Squat. Getting real low on your squat a real Oly Squat is directly beneficial to a sport using your feet.
Deadlifts too.
Anything to improve your force, your work, your speed, your strength. Functional.

Do bicep curls is like lifting furniture over your sofa. No need. Your body is never in that position.

A kip is not bad. Its exactly what a real human should do to lift himself over an edge. Its what gymnasts do

I never saw as much gains as I do with Crossfit ideologies and methods.
if i need work on my form. I spend extra time doing so.

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