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11-19-2013, 11:32 AM
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Originally Posted by metmag View Post
You're really into the 'worldwide' thing eh? Worldwide league, currency, etc.. Interesting perspective.
There's nothing wrong with cosmopolitan attitudes, I hope. Unlike what prejudice says, one can be cosmopolitan and proud of one's own national heritage at the same time; there's no contradiction.

As to a world-wide hockey league and a world-wide currency, it's a matter of fairness and being practical. All these currency conversions undeniably are a hassle, and they are often misused for reaping profits. As to hockey, we had the Tampa Bay Lightning with Stamkos, and the New York Rangers with Gáborík playing against Slovan Bratislava here on our home ice recently, and I loved that. I'd like to see that on a regular basis, and not only in a friendly game. If there had been a world-wide hockey league, there could be (say) two trans-oceanic road trips of (say) 6 games each, per season, for every team from the American and European Conference, so that Slovan might get to play against 12 current NHL teams on our home ice every season. What's not to like about that? Why should the best players only be skating in North American arenas? Naturally, Eurasian teams must be competitive enough for such regular "American vs. Eurasian" league encounters to make sense and to be attractive for the current NHL teams and their supporters, too.

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