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NOTES – in parentheses, mine are in Italics – THAT DID NOT WORK. LOL. Usually, notes are mine.

Now, I tried to stay as close to the original as possible.

Copyrighted! (Give credit where its due!)
Enjoy the read, but to be honest, I wish you understood Russian, the video itself is priceless... Its not as dry as the words on paper.

A friend of Evgeniya Vavrinyuk, who accused the Russian national hockey team's goalie Semyon Varlamov of assault, told the entire truth about the relationship of the model and the athlete. According to the young lady, Evgeniya has been dreaming for a long time to «suck the money» out of her star boyfriends (admirers) and even thought of how to: she wanted to convince the athlete (not Varlamov) that she is pregnant from him.

Ex–participant of the reality show «Dom2» Ellina Bandeyeva also told, that prior to the relationship with Varlamov, Vavrenyuk had a relationship with another hockey player – Victor Drugov– and with a footballer (soccer player) from Dinamo, a foreign player from Brasil, a name of whom she does not want to make public, since the athlete is married with kids.

Ellina met Vavrinyuk through common friends. According to the young lady, Zhenya (short for Evgeniya) was already dating Varlamov, but continued to obtain money from Victor Drugov.

– They have been communicating, as far as I know, for about three or four years, – said Ellina. – But she was still living with Vitya (short for Victor). Meaning, that she went to America to (visit) Syoma (short for Semyon), without Vitya knowing it. Then they broke up with Vitya, started living with Syoma, but was communicating with Vitya all of that time. Vitya was helping her out financially. She always called him and cried: “Oh, I am so poor and unlucky. I gave you three years of my life, but you left me without any money”. And Vitya is a very kind guy, he loved her very much. And he was like: “Zhenya, let me help you out” Once – presents, she wrote an entire list, and he brought brought everything. Zhenya comes over to Moscow: “Vitya, I need money for the hotel. Vitya, I need money to go to TSUM (Central Department Store in Moscow; luxury shopping)”. Meaning Vitya was always supporting her financially. She tried to get (money) out of Syoma, but Syoma _ he is more advanced in things like that. He would give her some things, but he was not spoiling her. And she was used that Vitya is spoiling her constantly, takes her to TSUM. She does not buy clothes anywhere else. All she talks about is clothes. Comes over to me, and shows: “Look Vitya got me this bag – 70,000 (about $2,400), dress for 80,000 (about $2,600)» «Zhenya, – I tell her, – I don't care what dress you have»

According to Ellina, Evgeniya and Semyon constantly had arguments. Due to the problems with alcohol. But not the hockey player (was having them), as American police thinks, but the young lady herself.

Arguments most of the time occurred due to drinking. Because, Zhenya gets drunk and starts nitpicking with him, – Ellina confides. –Starts attempting to fight with him constantly. In order to make Syoma mad – I mean, I don’t know what needs to be done! He is very calm individual. He is funny. He dances, talks to everyone. Sings songs in karaoke. Meaning he is friendly to everyone. But Zhenya, when she drinks to much (Russian slang for drinking way way too much), she has a drunken stupor.

Ellina remembered one story – when Zhenya and Semyon got into a fight during a cab ride.

–They were in the car, he gets his phone out – to look at something. And she tells him” Who are you writing to?! You, you are such and such!” Grabs the phone from him. He says: “Zhenya, calm down, why are you behaving like that?” She starts climbing on top of him, hitting him. I said: “Syoma, I am in complete shock from your (guys) relationship”. And he says: “This only happens when drunk. When she is sober – she is adequate”. And that's what was happening constantly. About the last argument, which was the reason for the opening of the case (meant: Varlamov being arrested) and official abuse charges against the hockey player, Ellina heard not from the official sources, but firsthand:

–Original story: she met there (in USA) with a girl, whose husband happened to be an attorney. And she says: “If I need an attorney – I can use him”. And in a week, so happens, was Halloween. She waited for that moment. She went to America, specifically to create that situation. She says, that in Russia, women’s rights are not protected, but are protected in America. There, they will say, that Syoma, allegedly upset her, to sue for a lot of money.

The “assault” itself happened after the Halloween party.

–Syoma, as usual, went into his phone, and she, as usual, flew (up to him): “What’s going on?! Who are you writing to?! Here, I found a bunch of “chicks” on you (meaning in his phone)! So, it happened, that Zhenya started calling him names and push him, shove him. He tells her: “Zhenya, I don’t want to fight, especially in front of people, calm down. Go home, I will be there later”. Zhenya left for home (and she already drank a bottle of champagne, she told me so herself) and goes to sleep. He comes in at five in the morning. He walks in, Zhenya jumps up from the bed, like a crazy person, flies up to him and starts screaming: “You are such an animal! Where were you?!” Starts degrading him, calling him different names. He is holding her hands, tells her” Zhenya, calm down!” And pushes her away. She starts up again. He grabs her hands again – and again pushes her away. Pushed her onto the bed, so she would calm down. Then she gets up and hits him on the lips.

As Ellina assures, after that Semyon said that he does not want to spend the night with Zhenya, and went into another room. Next day Varlamov was accused in domestic violence. Ellina herself thinks that all of the accusations are a lie.

- First of all, she that kind of fantasizer. – assures Ellina. –She constantly lies to everyone. I don’t know, whether she has some type of sickness or what. When she would come over to me – constantly the information would not match. She would tell me one thing one day, next day – something else, third day – third thing. I tell her: “ Zhenya, hold on, you said one thing on the first day…” She: “So, I made that up”. She is a little liar. And the attorney, I think (represented it the other way around), because Syoma held her hands…. She is strong. She is not like that, she is not from the bashful ten (Russian saying; describes weak kind of people). I think, that because Syoma was holding her hands, there are, possibly, some bruises that appeared. Possibly. But she did not show it on camera. I think the attorney had some good friends there. As she said: «My attorney did everything right».

Ellina also remembered an interesting occurrence from the chill out with Evgeniya Vavrinyuk, which shows how the model treated the guys that she was dating.

– There was a time when we were chilling with the footballers from Dinamo. She was intimate with one of them – confides Ellina. – And she says: “If I did not want to marry an oligarch, I would say, that I got pregnant from him. And he would give me money for the child”. I said: Zhenya, what do you mean?! How?! You are not pregnant?!” And she says: “I would make it like I am pregnant”. Meaning that she always had a materialistic interest. She always lived depending on men. One is rich, or another one. She does not talk to any other ones (except for rich ones).

The transition into a model occurred recently, according to Ellina:
– When she came over this summer, she tried to do a photo shoot. Agreed with a photographer, paid him the money. Again, Vitya gave her the money. She did a professional photo shoot, then called some girl who is a scout. That's how she tried to become a model. And, of course, (it had to be done) abroad. Ellina, asserts, that Semyon Varlamov did not want to take Evgeniya Vavrinyuk with him to America, when he finished his career in Yaroslavl Lokomotive (I think they meant to say, last lock–out shortened season) and moved overseas: – She wrote first to him, she begged for it. He told her: “Zhenya, I won’t take you to America – I don’t need those problems”. She promised to behave herself. Then she went to America and was dumping on him, meaning, that he is such and such, he is cheap. I told her: “Zhenya, stop sucking money out of him, just live with him”. Now, according to Ellina, who continued to communicate with Evgeniya after the hockey player’s scandal involving an assault, Vavrinyuk is living in the rented apartment.
–She wants to work as a model. She wants to remain there, and she told me that there is a possibility of obtaining citizenship. Currently, her visa is being extended, and if everything is ok, she will obtain citizenship, – passes on the words of her girlfriend, Ellina. –And Syoma, that’s it, he closed off. He did not expect something like that from her, that's way too much. To lie so much about a person! Kidnapping! What kidnapping, darn, if he bought her tickets herself and she chilled in Las Vegas with her girlfriends?! I call her and say: “And why would you say that”? She says: “I did not say that, that's what the American police decided. They decided, that there was a kidnapping. I am not going to say anything, let my attorney talk about the kidnapping”. I told her: “You are destroying the guy’s career, he achieved everything himself from the early childhood. He is a goalie, starting goalie for the current national team. We are going to have the Olympics soon. Are you thinking what you are saying? And she says: “I want him to do time”. She tells me: “I went to America specifically for this situation.”

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