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11-19-2013, 07:35 PM
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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
In the end...nobody is as sure a candidate than the other. Bergevin had great credentials within one of the best organization in the league. I am high on Benning as I will always belive that the assistant GM has to be in sync with the GM.....I think Chiarelli is great hence I think Benning can't be bad.....but still we don't know he'll do in charge. Just like anybody on your list. As of now, the only difference between your guys and the other guys you named is that....they are not bilingual. Unfortunately for the francos, the league is anglo. So most teams will hire their friends, which most likely will come from something they know, most likely not to be a Q product or a bilingual one. So the pool doesn't end up to be the biggest by talent....ends up being the biggest by friendship.

In the end, you can have 10 incredible candidates to choose from, you'll only pick 1 and chances will have to redo-it in 3-5 years anyway.
If 8 of the 10 incredible candidates aren't bilingual, we can't hire them. It doesn't take rocket science to know that limiting your pool is more restricting and tougher to attain success that widening it. There is 0 justification to do what the habs do in a competitive league. If of the 10 Bergevin's is the best candidate, then so be it, but you won't know until you open the doors to all candidates, whether they are anglophones, francophones allophones or saxophones.

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