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Originally Posted by Andy View Post
If 8 of the 10 incredible candidates aren't bilingual, we can't hire them. It doesn't take rocket science to know that limiting your pool is more restricting and tougher to attain success that widening it. There is 0 justification to do what the habs do in a competitive league. If of the 10 Bergevin's is the best candidate, then so be it, but you won't know until you open the doors to all candidates, whether they are anglophones, francophones allophones or saxophones.
Problem is that it's not a proof either that it will be succesful as EVERYBODY but us have this incredible larger pool to choose from and only the same freakin teams succeed. The justficiation is that we have to deal with the history and the nature that this team has.

What,s funny is that it will surely happen that a francophone happens to be the best candidate. I mean, there are some good coaches in the league and a guy like Houle for example should probably by now by coaching in the AHL. Maybe Ducharme....and Veilleux too. Tourigny should have problaby be considered before Roy called him. And others. Strangely....nobody from any other team one day CLAIMED that their team limited their pool of candidates because they didn't interview the franco one....'Cause it's well know that the franco one can never be the best candidate. 'Cause GM and coach, in the end....what IS the best candidate? When you interview him...what makes him or that guy the best candidate? 'Cause he shares your views? Yep....we saw that with Hawkins and the Alouettes....we CLEARLY went with the best candidate out there instead of going with the "francophone de service" like Chapdeleine, Maciocia or Constantin".....The best candidate was the best for how many games again? GM and coach aren't players. THE BEST CANDIDATE isn't that easy to figure out.

Would be funny to hear that Buffalo would want to talk to Dudley. 'Cause amongst all that great list of candidate...they,d go back to a guy they know and who clearly wasn't able to stop Bergevin to do all those mysterious things....

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