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11-19-2013, 08:04 PM
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Originally Posted by 1865 View Post
Argumentative as usual. You don't get the extra point for keeping a game tied for 65 minutes though, do you? You get it for just winning a short shootout.

Sure, you don't lose but you don't win either. Having a situation where 65 minutes of hard, honest hockey is worth the same as 3 shots at the end is farcical and it cheapens genuine points.

Hell, look at the Jets. They've only legitimately beat 5 teams this season and are well above us.
Don't know if you noticed, but we're on a discussion board. The whole point of a discussion board is to discuss things. If you want to swipe it away as simply being argumentative then go for it.

Just weird to complain about a team in an opposite conference being above us in the standings, especially when the Flyers have earned their low spot in the standings despite being in the weakest division by far. Aside from that, it's also odd to dismiss keeping a game tied after 65 minutes as nothing.

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