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01-22-2004, 09:21 AM
Joe Cole
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Originally Posted by 8b
Hi, I played in some garage leagues ....

In your zone: Dump the puck out of the zone, use the ramp, even if it`s gonna be an icing.

In neutral zone: If you have passed the red line, dump in attacking zone.

When your goalie is very good (particulary with the puck handling and passing), you can pas him the puck but be sure he is ready to have it. This last option is very dangerous so I dont recommend it if you are in panic mode!

In attack zone: Two options: dump behind the net or shot on net. ...

My critique of 8b's comments on dumping the puck are this…in a garage league, puck control is critical. Do not give the puck away unless you are really outgunned and could cause a goal against.

Remember, #1, the guys will not be in NHL game shape, dumping the puck will force guys to do the pathetic garage league forecheck, and just tire them out with little result. #2 you will probably play with two lines (10 players), not 4 lines like in competitive hockey. Tiring out the players for no reason is a great way to kill your players’ legs and lose in the third period.

Keep your game simple, passing to the goalie is a mistake waiting to happen, for that matter icing is better.

My advice regarding panic, it may seem simple… but… relax. Protect the puck by pivoting your body towards the opposing forchecker, he will give up pretty easily. This buys you the extra second to survey your teammates’ position and make a good pass. Slow the game down.

If you are in the offensive zone, and have no options, shot at the net instead of behind the net. Most garage goalies are not good puck handlers so it isn’t a turnover.

Please do not take offense 8b, just my opinion.

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