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Originally Posted by Andy View Post
Maybe because they are not qualified enough? The fact is they can be. Botterill, Benning, Fenton and Treliving cannot be interviewed or cannot get a job, while McGure, Brisebois and other francophones can be.

How you do not understand this is insane and very very sad.

The end result is 20 years of mediocrity following our restrictions. Fenton, Botterill, Benning, Treviling have all been apart of well-runned organizations. Outside of Bergevin, the guys we interviewed, McGuire has done squat in the nhl for over 20 years, Damphousse has had no extended positions. Brisebois was already part of this organization.
Not sure why you say that I don't understand that we are limiting the pool...I keep saying it. What I also say is that every other team does it too with their own type of limitations and how you don't see it is also sad. And to put our 20 years of mediocrity solely on the fact that the francos ****ed it up during that stint is extremely narrow minded. Stint that saw us have Julien and Vigneault as coaches, that goes beyond the language. That while I don,t believe in Therrien now, he deserved his first chance when it happened...and deserved to be tried again when Pittsburgh did it. That for every ex-player that tried the experience, nothing suggest that Carbonneau was that bad of a choice when it happened. That after the Houle debacle, André Savard started to make this team look more respectacle. And to this day, I still believe he didn't have enough time to show what he could do. That when Gainey was appointed it made TOTAL sense. He stayed too long and end up not being too good.....but it was well worth it. That today, guys like Hartley aren't doing too bad for themselves and so on.

But no....let's talk about how they are the sole responsible of this mediocrity. Let's not talk about the repeated bad picks in the 1st round or the letdown that some players had and so on. 'Cause CLEARLY it has been proven that EVERY OTHER TEAM has had success but us. And the only reason for that is because they didn't limit themselves at a limited pool. Hey how about this.....since Gainey came in, we've "limited" the number of francophones that plays for this team.....could that be the problem? Did we limit ourselves to NOT pick locals for "stupid" reasons like too much attention and too much press interviews"? If your "limitations of GM and coaches have only been franco, hence the drought....can I say that the lack of locals also could have been a reason? Did we limit ourselves? Did Trevor "limited" himself to the US too much?

Besides...we have NO IDEA who exactly was interviewed. As we have NO IDEA who in this league could be bilingual enough to get an interview.

By the way....I'd have no problem to get an anglo GM as I will always believe it's the most important, with the head scouting job, the most important in an organization. But I also understand why they'd be doing everything they can to find a GM that can also relate to the fans. And if they can't, I,m expecting to see them hire an anglo only.....yet....coaching will always be bilingual. Is going with the franco only mean we might end up picking not that great of a choice? Surely....we did with Therrien. Yet....we would have went Roy...or even Hartley and it would have been MUCH better. And going anglo only means so much....see Cunneyworth. We had Lever in Hamilton.....did he happen to find a NHL job yet? 'Cause some people in here, for the sake of NOT going with a bilingual coach, asked for is he doing in the NHL so far?

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