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01-22-2004, 09:44 AM
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Originally Posted by jumptheshark
There has been alot of talk about both TB and the panthers making changes----living down in Florida and seeing what is going on(mostly with the PAnthers) I think these two teams are just in a pissing contest with each other over who can create the most trade rumours! I think both teams are all talk and no rock
thanks for that in depth analysis; i have now gained an entirely new perspective because of it.

have you ever considered the following about FLA, TPB, or any other sports franchise, for that matter:

#1 those players on their roster with value they want to keep (holding on to valuable players; what a concept)

#2 those players they consider expendable become so because they have less value than those considered valuable (relative to the originating team), and another team isn't likely to give up valuable assets for someone else's crap.

and this all leads to....

why nhl deals are based primarily on $$$ and why deals do not happen every other day

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