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11-20-2013, 06:02 AM
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Originally Posted by Jtown View Post
WE have a bunch of guys under 6 feet. Giroux, Read, Downie, Rinaldo, Gus, Kimmo.

We are not as big as you think.
The team averages around 73.5 inches average height overall... so about the 10th biggest in the NHL.

Our most recent forward combination was 73.2 inches. Our forwards are above average in the NHL in terms of size (no stats for this year, but average forward height usually around 72.5-72.8)

The median height of our forwards is 74 inches... 8/12 are over 6ft1 (forward average).

Our most recent D combination was 73 inches. That is under average in the NHL (no stats for this year, but the average height is usually around 73.5-73.8)

Our current lines average 73.2 inches in height (including Mason... as all NHL teams averages include goalies, so would skew if not included.)

The median height of the current lineup (including goalies, 20 man team) is 74 inches... over NHL average by almost an inch. 13/20 players are above 73 inches (NHL average)

The average height in the NHL is 73.2 inches.

So while the team is by no means enormous... they are certainly above NHL average, even at the moment with a pretty small lineup compared to what they could put out.

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