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Originally Posted by Genesis76 View Post
Out of 19 games
Price: 15 Good 3 Mediocre , 0 Bad
Defense: 7 Good , 5 Mediocre, 6 Bad

Price record in the 3 games with 4 goals againts: 0 points
Game 14 MIN L .840
Game 9 EDM L .875
Game 1 TOR L .895

Price record in the 3 games with 3 goals againts: 2 points
Game 17 OTT L .870
Game 7 CBJ W .909
Game 3 CGY L .880

Price record in the 12 games with 2 goals or less againts: 16 points
W: 7 L: 3 OT loss: 2

Total Price:
18/36 (50%) Points
8/18 (44.4%) Wins

Total Team:
24/44 (54.5%) Points
11/22 (50%) Wins

By your assessment without Price in the nets we should see a drop in the win% but the stats show differently. When you take the same horrible defense and put it in front of a backup goalie the team has a higher win ratio.

Of course i'm not saying i'm not happy with Price's form so far but don't you think your over-evaluating him and under estimating our D?

It makes absolutely no sense for this crappy defense to be playing better in front of a Backup should be the opposite. And don't bring the Budaj played vs worst teams excuse....this is the NHL and besides from your grades it looks like we have the worst Defense so it cancels out.
A couple of things here...

Your numbers seem to be wrong. You say in games Price played it was zero bad games for the D? Am I misreading this? I'll look it over again but that's what I'm reading here. Edit: Yup I misread... sorry.

And YES, we DO shelter the backup. We put him in against weaker teams for the most part. The exception so far this season being Colorado where Budaj used to play. Look at the teams: Rangers (who we own), Edmonton, Columbus and Colorado.

Yet you want us to ignore his competition and say it's the "worst excuse"... wake up and smell what you're shoveling. Gee, I wonder why the team's D doesn't play as well against San Jose or St. Louis instead of ****ing Columbus? That's what you want to argue about? Go away.

As far as this year goes, Price has outright stolen four points for us. No question about this. A couple of days ago that represented a full 20% of our points and now only represents about 17%. And that's just the most obvious steals.

What I'm really interested to see now is how the addition of Emelin affects the D. He's been in the lineup for two games and we now have two games with the D being good. I was worried about his health but he looked pretty good last night. Should be interesting to see how this trends going forward.

If nothing else what we'll see here is less Murray and maybe less Bouillion. That alone makes us much, much better. So to go back to the debates from last year... its not so much that Emelin is a great blueliner as much as it is that he's eating up ice that our horrible blueliners would otherwise get. And that helps us tremendously. I expect us to play a lot better going forward now that he's back and (seemingly) healthy.

Again, I don't think the collapse from last season was coincidentally tied to his injury. Emelin being hurt meant more Bouillion and more Bouillion = more goals against.

As for me being easy on the D... I've said they've been mediocre in some games and have respected the voters. Against the Rangers most in the main thread said we played like crap and one guy who voted 'good' said we were totally outplayed... but I still listed 'good.' I think I've been more than fair to the D.

We haven't seen a bad game from Price yet. (One will be coming I'm sure.) Look at the Ottawa game... his numbers were terrible. But how were the goals scored? Two screens and a tape to tape pass from Markov to a Senator. You think those are Price's fault instead of the D's? I'd say the D was responsible for all three goals. Yet we gave them a mediocre grade instead of bad. And we punish Price with a mediocre grade despite this. So how is this being unfair to the D?

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