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11-20-2013, 10:01 AM
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Originally Posted by sighthndlady View Post
I must say the vast majority of DRW fans have no idea how to deal with a struggling team. Show up late, leave early, dis the team while you are there, refuse to do anything to pump them up when they have a pretty good stretch of play. Generally act like a whole arena of spoiled children who "deserve" a win. And then boo the loss - loudly. Not very classy. You should have seen the daggers in the look from the gal in front of me when I cheered the second Preds goal. If they don't turn their results around pretty quick, their attendance is going to tank. I had fun, anyway! And a great visit with my Mom. She looks so cute in her Zetterberg jersey. She's a little tiny old lady and has to roll up the sleeves about 3 times.
So how many would you estimate were actually in the stands? Looked terrible on TV, but of course it was announced at 20,066.

Just curious what the ACTUAL attendance was......

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