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11-20-2013, 11:55 AM
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So my team played a game on Sunday against probably the best team in the league (our team lost to them in the championship last year 3-2)... we had a hard fought tie against them last week... and we ended up playng them again THIS week...

Well, with them leading 1-0 and 1:30 left in the game we have a BS goalie interference called on us... so needless to say we yank the goalie and tie it up with 15 seconds remaining... bench went nuts... game finished in a tie.

Fast forward to last night, my brother comes over my place with a friend of his... as his friend is walking in I can hear him tell a story of how his hockey team blew a 1-0 lead on the PP allowing the other team to score with 15 seconds remaining...

... yep, my bro's friend was on the other team (firs time I met him)... we had some chuckles over incidents in the game and league overall... super nice guy, got a long great... but funny expereince none the less.

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