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11-20-2013, 11:37 AM
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Originally Posted by Blind Gardien View Post
I'm getting ready for 3 years @ $6.0M.

The Habs do tend to come up with numbers bigger than I'm ready for, though. (Except for Subban-numbers, of course.) I could live with 4 years @ $6.5M. So far this year he's worth $6.5M. I'm just worried about whether he can keep that up all of this year. And even if he can, what happens in the final years of that deal? I'd be skeptical. But still happy to have Markov locked up, either way.
If that happens I will be very pissed. I don't think he's a 6.5 million dollar guy even now. Four years from now? Yikes...

And if we sign him for that amount, what the hell do we sign Subban for?
Originally Posted by Hackett View Post
The thing about Markov, even if he declines quite steeply in a couple of years, he can still fill a void similar to Sergei gonchar at the end of his career, as a pp specialist. That's always something that teams will be looking for, so he will have some value regardless.
You mean like Thomas Kaberle? We saw the Hurricanes make that mistake before.

Maybe he won't be Kaberle but he could be. And throwing a huge contract at this guy with his age and injury history would be a big mistake in my opinion.
Originally Posted by LePoche69 View Post
What's your points? Tucker is your lone argumentation and yet I'm crazy? What are your arguments?
Tucker is simply the most obvious example. You could look at Kovalchuk or tons of others as well. You think making a list of these kinds of contracts would make a difference? Why? My point is valid on its face. And - we have no buyouts left. So if we **** up we can't mothball him the way we did with Kaberle and Gomez.

Six years is nuts for a 34 year old showing decline with bad knees.
Originally Posted by LePoche69 View Post
Tucker was a crash and bang player. They fade away rather quickly and badly. Markov is all about intelligence. 40 years old defensmen are not that rare. And I perfectly know that he will be done at the end of a 5-6 years contract. Yet he could then be a #6 d-man, second unit PP specialist. And the discount on the cap hit would allow Habs to sign other players, which they wouldn't be able to do if he signs for 3 years at 5M in average.
The guy's knees are made of glass. One hit and he's done. Then we'd be on the hook for six years... no way we should do this. I don't even like four years.

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