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11-20-2013, 01:16 PM
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I want to apologize for my outbreak earlier. I just cant believe some comments, like Crossfit is a cult and then share a story on how some friends wife left him... whatever.

Anyway I apologize for how I debated this.

Its simple. I believe in functional fitness and what Crossfit is about. You may not.
However. I want to share this

This is a podcast on Apple Itunes or Youtube. I just started to listen to these guys and I think its not only extremely informative but extremely funny. I wouldnt listen to it if it was like one or two guys in monotone lol

I shared that page because you can then choose one of the 90 or so episodes (once a week new) on different topics.

I have not found a personal fav yet. Maybe you will

Though these guys own a Crossfit gym and the podcast is towards Crossfitters (which is their biggest audience) they do talk a lot about nutrition, supplements, weight lifting, olympics, mma.

Their intro says it all. They talk about beers, fitness, strength, power, beer, coffee, coffee, coffee, supplements lol. Maybe not in that order but yea.

real fun

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