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01-22-2004, 11:08 AM
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Originally Posted by geeman
where are these guys going to play , we have too many small finesse guys, sorry folks but Gonchar is better than any skilled dman we have now, and at 28 is near his prime. Sourray will be a 3rd d man next year, not a # 2 like is playing now, he is playing way over his head, he is good but not like this. Gonachar will make our PP
way better, plus then if someone wants to pay large for Markov, we could land that pforward we need. It all comes down to using extra assets to get a top player.
If we all assume that # 11, # 20, # 71, Dagenais stay here how the hell are you going to phase in Pleks and Balej into this lineup , they can`t play 3rd and fourth lines. Then a year or 2 later you have a higgins, kasty, and perez, knocking on the door , you have 9 players of which 6 are pure offense players, they can`t all mesh together, this team won`t sense , all skill no guts except higgins. If we are going to screw around with hainsey`s development , I WOULD MUCH RATHER HAVE
A 50-60 POINT STUD ON D THAN WHAT WE HAVE NOW. No one is going to trade you Doan, Bertuzzi , etcc... you might get a Pyatt type project who may never pan out , DMEN are at a premium these days , we have 10-15 mil of the books next year plus another chunk the year after , Gonchar if the price isn`t stupid would be a great fit here, remember IN THE PLAYOFFS A GOAL HERE EXTRA ON
Gonchar without Jagr and Lang in front of him would lose alot of points... On our team with its Defence first mentality, Gonchar would become another Brisebois (last year's edition).

Pleks can centre the 4th line next year or the year after, he plays an energy game, plus he's responsible defensively. Begin and Ward will be on the 3rd, so Plecks and Gratton will be on the 4th. Balej will replace Dagenais as soon as Dagenais goes cold. If Dagenais isn't scoring he's absolutely useless (press box or waivers).

I think that Zednik will be expendable in a few years, and so will Sundstrom. Traded together they could get us a nice asset (a solid 2nd pair RD to play with Markov), plus it does open up two LW positions for Higgins and Kastitsyn. That leaves Perezhogin... He'll be competing with Ryder, Balej, Ward, and Gratton. If he's good enough, I'm sure the team will dump Gratton, move Ward back to the 4th and Ryder to the 3rd...

The team will look like:

Kastitsyn Koivu Balej
Higgins Ribeiro Perezhogin
Bulis Begin Ryder
Hossa Plekanec Ward

Souray Komisarek
Markov New RD
Hainsey Rivet
Beauchemin (or Bouillon)

Of course this scenario assumes that all those prospects make it which is unrealistic.

The bottom line is the team doesn't need to trade away prospects or picks to get Gonchar because we just won't need him.

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