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Originally Posted by Kel0906 View Post
This question is not a joke. I am a first time mom, so I ask a lot of "stupid" questions.

We have bought ear muffs for him, and plan to baby wear. Just wanted to know some experiences from fellow hockey fans! Thanks to everyone who has answered so far.
I agree with the person whose daughter is a pediatrician.

Let's just take one vaccination. Pertussis. Your child isn't vaccinated against it yet. You're in an arena with thousands that could have it. All you have to do is walk thru an area where some adult carrier has sneezed.

Speaking as a grandparent who had to be re vaccinated last year to even hold my first grandchild because that is what her pediatrician said......

As someone said, it's your risk to take..\

And just google how far sneezes with flu germs travel.........

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