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11-20-2013, 04:22 PM
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Originally Posted by OgbertTheNerd View Post
What kind of contract do you guys think Downie should/could get? Currently he's making $2.6 million a year, which of course ends after this season.

Since the 2009 - 2010 season, he's scored 130 points in 229 games. Pretty good for a goon.
I think he is actually kind of a hard player to judge what he will get... injuries may pull him down a bit, but he has quite a unique skillset.

But seeing as he averages 47 points a year you would think circa 3.3-4 million a year... that is his going rate really if guys that kind of age with that kind of production are looked at who signed recently (Brouwer, Read, Simmonds, Perron are the most similar really, I know they are not all UFAs, but 4mill+ generally aint given out to guys who are not 50 point player, never-mind ones who have been injured a lot, which will prob pull his value to the lower end of the range... 3.5ish)

I personally do not think he will be resigned unless someone is moved or they know the cap is going up by 5mill... as if he was that would certainly put spending on forwards over 40million...

Then next year: (just an educated guess...)

Hartnell (4.75) Giroux (8.275) Voracek (4.25)
Schenn (~2.75-3) Lecavalier (4.5) Simmonds (3.975)
Downie (3.5) Couturier (1.75) Read (3.625)
Rinaldo (0.75) Laughton (0.925) Hall (0.6)
Rosehill (0.675)

That would put spending on forwards at 40.325 million... I imagine it is more likely that they put Raffl, Cousins, Laughton etc at 3LW. 40+ on forwards is unsustainable really, 37.5-38 is fine.


Coburn (4.5) UFA (4.5-5.5)
Streit (5.25) Schenn (3.6)
Grossmann (3.5) Gus (~1.5)
#7 (0.75-1)

So overall with Downie resigned they would be at around 59-60 million tied down... with 2 goalies (Mason ofc + backup) and a D man to sign.

If you believe Jacobs and a few others (well a lot of people who are 'in the know') most imagine the cap will be in the 67-71 range next year.

Mason (4mill)
Backup (1-1.5mill)
D man (4.5-5.5mill)

So if the cap goes to 70 Downie could maybe be squeezed under... if 67... no way.

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