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Originally Posted by Faterson View Post
No one would force KHL coaches to let every young player play all 70+ regular season games. They could rotate several young players, letting each young player play 50 games or so per season, like now.

What we need:
  • cancel KHL conferences, switch to a divisional format like the NHL has now
  • keep home-and-away games against every other KHL team = the current KHL model
  • to that, add another home-and-away game against every team in your division (that means 4 games per season between divisional opponents)
The result = a regular season of around 70 games, just what is needed, practical and logical.
I like it. I think KHL should have less than 80 but more than 65 games.
It seems to me like 50ish games are for smaller leagues with 14ish teams in them. Like the NLA or something.

As for the juniors, exactly the above. Rarely do rookies play a full season, except the ultra talented ones and those are a couple at most. Even then the NHL does not allow players under 18 at all while KHL teams ice 17 year olds all the time(even younger sometimes). If anything, a longer season with more games would mean more juniors would get to play for more games. With the league approaching 30 teams I think more games is a must.

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