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11-20-2013, 06:02 PM
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Originally Posted by Habs_Apostle View Post
I disagree. And I disagree with a lot of what you said. But I'm not sure we're really going to change one another's minds at this point. You're utterly convinced Hendricks easily won; I'm utterly convinced rounds 3 and 5 were clearly GSP, rounds 2 and 4 were clearly Hendricks, with round 1 being ridiculously close. Again, this assessment agrees with the official judges, with most fan and media write ups, and with the so-called significant strike metrics.
Most fans?? Fans of? From where???
The two biggest MMA sites Sherdog and MMAWeekly, have Hendricks winning from fans polling.
Sherdog has only about 25% of fans giving it to GSP, 68% give it to Hendricks, 5% draw. We're talking about more than 2000 voters there.
So again, most fans? Who exactly are you talking about? Montrealers that know jack crap about MMA and are blind supporters of their local stars?
I know people that can't even tell me what is a guillotine choke or armbar sub try to argue with me how GSP won. If I bring up an omoplata, forget about it, I'm speaking chinese.
I know people that told me Hendricks had to knock him out to beat GSP. That was the only way they were going to give any credit to JH.

Please man. Most people involved in the sport gave it to Hendricks.

And spare me the two judges. You know as much as me how wrong they can be, and how often it's happened, and they were wrong here once again.

Originally Posted by Habs_Apostle View Post
At the very least, whether you think you're right or wrong, you have to admit your assessment (of an easy round 1 for Hendricks and a round 3 for Hendricks) would have to be counted in the minority at this point.
Easy might have been an exaggeration, nothing easy about fighting one of the best fighters in the world.
But he did exactly what he needed to do. He made GSP uncomfortable. He controlled where the fight was going to happen by stuffing takedowns, he made him pay very hard with many elbows, countered most of GSP's punches, gave very big knees, and hit him with solid punches that clearly impacted GSP.
So ya, it was a clear round 1 win. And again, if rd 3&5 are 10-9 for GSP, then rd2-4 could be argued 10-8 for Hendricks.
It wasn't an easy win, maybe that's a poor choice of word, but it was a clear rd 1 win to Hendricks.
As I said, if you give it to GSP, you're reaching, or playing the ''he's the Champ'' bias. In other words, you're not being fair.

Originally Posted by Habs_Apostle View Post
And Dana was way off on this one. He should offer an apology to the judges. Thank God he wasn't judging (only round 3 to GSP?). In retrospect the judges did an amazing job, scoring the fight as they should have.
No he shouldn't, he was right 100%, and I hate the guy.

Originally Posted by Habs_Apostle View Post
Really? You're calling that Machida-like? Awesome? You're the only one I've heard describe it that way. And great ring presence? He came in with punches and GSP circled into his lead leg. Even if Hendricks didn't move his lead leg that inch or two, GSP still probably falls down. I'm far more comfortable with my description than using the superlatives you've chosen to apply.
Of course you're more comfortable with your description. That way you don't have to give any credit to Hendricks.
I mean, the guy trips GSP and you're saying ''wtv, GSP was probably going to fall anyways''...
Seriously dude, it's pretty lame at this point.

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