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11-20-2013, 08:31 PM
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Originally Posted by durojean View Post
What happened in this match is pretty simple.

Round 1 fairly equal and they gave the benefit of the doubt to the champion because it really was an equal round.

Knowing the rules and the rest of the match, it's a fair concensus that round 3 and 5 goes to St-Pierre and that's why he won.

I'm not arguing that St-Pierre won or lost. I actually think that idmf St-Pierre was not a legend and the champ he would have lost.

I'm arguing I understand the decision and really it was a thight fight knowing how those are judged.

Arguing that the system is bad and not representative is like me saying that if I had the talent I would be an nhler... It maybe true it doesn't give me the talent.

What I see in round 1 is 2 takedown for GSP against 1 and submission tentative that may or may not nearly have worked and a thight fight when the 2 were up. GSP was the champ and yes I find he did a little more in that round.

Add to that the fact that GSP is a legend and that the judges couldn't resee tge round 4 times it explains a lot of thing.

The rules were known by both fighters at the beginning of the fight. They both knew they rarely give a 2 points difference after a round and they both knew that after a round is finished it's a new start. Hendricks had that fight until the 5th round. He lost it there it's plain and simple.

Some say he was coasting threw it. I do believe he was more tired than the champ and it showed.
Well maybe you need to rewatch it, and if you still see the same thing, maybe you should watch it with someone that knows a little more about MMA so he can show you all the good things Hendricks did.

If all you're seeing is 2 takedowns vs 1, and a sub attempt, then you're only painting a small part of the portrait.

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