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12-27-2006, 06:19 PM
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I'm not a big fan of ESPN's coverage of hockey either on TV or the web but this story was too good to not post....

Remember, it's the small things in life that give us this much joy! Happy New Year to all!

Here's another reminder of why we should care
By George Johnson
Special to

Peering back through the mists of time, there's always one. Or should be. One to rival Ralphie Parker's "You'll shoot your eye out!" Golden Barrel 1,000-shot Red Ryder Cowboy Carbon Rifle. One remembered long after all the paper and ribbons and bows have been balled up and tossed aside, after the wonder and the magic of the season have gently faded with the passing of the years.

One that writes "A Christmas Story" of your very own.

For my 15-year-old daughter Michela, her very own Red Ryder appeared under the tree this Christmas. In a box, folded neatly, a Tampa Bay Lightning crest peeking out from underneath the wrapping paper: A Vincent Lecavalier jersey. Men's small. Nameplated. Home dark, naturally. And, best of all, inscribed on the back, on the No. 4, by the man himself: To Michela. Best Wishes! All thanks to the collaboration of a couple of secret Santas: Peter Hanlon, vice president of communications for the Calgary Flames, and Bill Wickett, his Tampa counterpart.

So in an effort to keep this thread going, what were/are some of your all-time favorite things/gifts?

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