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11-20-2013, 09:39 PM
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You guys get all worked up about this, yet everybody and its mother around Team Canada's clique have been saying this since last summer, EVEN AFTER PK WON THE NORRIS. Why are you all up in arms? He won't make the team because they don't believe PK can be a serviceable 7-8th dman. And for them the top 5 is glued: Weber, the two Chicago dudes, Doughty, Pietrangelo, adding up Marc Staal for the top 6. Yes, PK, in OUR EYES, may be stronger than at least 3 of those guys, certainly better than Marc freaking Staal, but Team Canada has always been an organisation that picked players according to needs AND mostly roles. Not talent. Rob Zamuner, Shayne Corson, Brendan Morrow anyone! The clique doesn't think PK is responsible enough to endure playing limited minutes in a limited role, while being 'under control' emotionally. I might add that this season has not proven them wrong too much.

That's how Hockey Canada thinks. It's always been that way. I remember when the junior team REFUSED to have Mario Lemieux (who?) on its roster because he was a defensive liability (hello Dave King, amonst others). They systematically refused to take Q players over the years because they believed they were too 'risky' defensively. One dimensional players, they said. Watch them not take Mantha this time around for that matter. Rather take some good ol' boy from the West who can skate like the wind, hit like a truck, but carry the puck like an elephant. Because Hockey Canada believes they accept roles better. Subban is a victim of this conservative attitude. A conservative attitude that is still prevailing West of the Toronto and a conservative attitude that will eventually put Canada in a Swedish-like hockey recession. Watch the US become THE dominant power in hockey for ages. Because they rely on talent and speed. We still rely on playing the 'Canadian way'. And on the bigger ice surface, I suspect that Canada won't even finish in the top 3. Because of the Rob Zamuner syndrome that is still plaguing this Calgary-based organisation.

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