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11-20-2013, 10:41 PM
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Originally Posted by Tawnos View Post
To your last, MDZ's value in trade exceeds his value as a 3rd pair D.

To the first part, how is that flimsy? You want to know what's flimsy? The logic that, because AV hasn't said anything to the media about Pyatt and Pouliot, it means he hasn't spoken to those players about their performance. Beyond that, he has called out Pouliot to the media, but that's besides the point. You have no idea... no idea, and neither do the rest of us, what AV has said in the locker room and behind closed doors.
Could have fooled me with the way Pyatt/Pouliot keep getting ice time and keep sucking, while 23-year-old MDZ is labeled inconsistent and scratched for 3 games in a row. Lol so he calls Pouliot inconsistent too and doesn't scratch him for playing terribly. Still no real accountability. Pyatt and Pouliot still getting ~15 minutes a game while sucking all 15 minutes and hurting the team isn't accountability to me, or enforcing "you only get so many kicks at the can." That just says "Ehh let's do whatever, maybe some **** will stick to the wall."

You're right, none of us know what was said. But whatever was said didn't do anything to light any fires under Pyatt or Pouliot's ass. Not ******** on them to be trendy, ******** on them because they're **** players and 2 or 3 strong plays along the boards doesn't make me think any differently about everything else they do.

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