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11-20-2013, 09:51 PM
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Originally Posted by ck20 View Post
Could have fooled me with the way Pyatt/Pouliot keep getting ice time and keep sucking, while 23-year-old MDZ is labeled inconsistent and scratched for 3 games in a row. Lol so he calls Pouliot inconsistent too and doesn't scratch him for playing terribly. Still no real accountability. Pyatt and Pouliot still getting ~15 minutes a game while sucking all 15 minutes and hurting the team isn't accountability to me, or enforcing "you only get so many kicks at the can." That just says "Ehh let's do whatever, maybe some **** will stick to the wall."

You're right, none of us know what was said. But whatever was said didn't do anything to light any fires under Pyatt or Pouliot's ass.
I think you expect too much out of Pyatt... certainly far more than AV seems to... and more than I do. Pyatt is fine, people just think he should do more because he came into the league touted with more talent.

Pouliot is way more of a head scratcher. I do get the feeling that a lot of Rangers fans also expect Pouliot to be able to maximize his skills. We should know better and if we do, we know who this player is at this point... and expecting him to maximize his tool set is just setting yourself up for disappointment. What I don't understand is why he's seemingly incapable of producing even the way he has produced in his NHL career. The guy is nothing more than a 3rd liner. But on that, he has produced like an offensively capable 3rd liner in 5-on-5 situations for most of his career. 2 goals in 21 games would represent 8 over 82. That's not even half of his 17.8 goals per 82 over the course of his career. It really just doesn't make sense. My only theory is that it's a confidence issue. He was asked to play a top-6 role at the beginning of the year with our injuries. He's not a top-6 player and his inability to perform as one when asked has shot his confidence through the floor. I don't know.

Anyway... you're harping too much on other guys. AV's job isn't to treat everyone the same. This is a competent coach. I trust his judgment on how to handle his players.

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