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11-20-2013, 10:43 PM
Take the damn deal
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Originally Posted by Tawnos View Post
Moore and Falk aren't taking the minutes the player needs to be effective when he's playing, is the point. We're not talking about my opinion here... we're talking about what Sather tells other GMs when they talk about DZ. I'm pretty certain that my characterization is very close to accurate, minus the cigar chewing.

You are probably correct about your characterization, but you better believe that the other GM's don't just acquiesce. If I am on the other side of that call I'd be telling you
"Come on Glenn, cut the BS. He is below Moore on the totem pole. He is being scratched in favor of Falk for God's sakes. Not only that, but your own coach is telling the world that DZ is not what you are telling me he is".
This is horse trading and every GM will use any leverage they can.

Originally Posted by Ailurophile View Post
It's also a fact he plays his best hockey slotted in to where he is currently unable to due to the depth the Rangers have on D. Yes, when he is scratched Moore and Falk are taking his 3rd pairing minutes which he only has (get ready for it, I know this is hard to understand) BECAUSE HE IS 3rd ON THE DEPTH CHART BEHIND STAAL AND McDONAGH.

This has nothing to do with other bottom pairing d-men taking his 3rd pairing minutes and everything to do with not having a spot in the roster for him to get optimal minutes and given an opportunity to succeed.

The powerplay is the only exception to that and as of late not even because McD has looked far better this year so far on the 1st unit.
And my argument is playing the bottom pairing is better than being up in the press box watching, knowing full well that Moore and Falk are struggling. You want DZ to succeed, play him because he is the better player. The rest is just hot air.

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