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11-20-2013, 11:27 PM
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Originally Posted by JK3 View Post
Regarding TWD.

That big war they hyped the crap out of for half a season but never happened really pissed me off. The Governor ship sailed for me a long time ago but last nights episode was pretty good and took us away from the plodding flu crap. My biggest problem is they are doing a horrible job this season developing characters other than last nights episode and the Hershel heavy episode.

I could give a **** less about the Woodbury survivors, the annoying kids or this flu crap. They are just doing a terrible job with developing these characters, I just don't seem to care about them, Bob is another one. You know they are all cannon fodder and going to die anyway. They beat you over the head with portraying Tyreese as a sensitive wuss and all of a sudden Carol is some crazy bad ass, it makes me nuts. The way they dealt with her leaving was awful, I was just like meh, I don't care lol. Rick is the leader, not the leader, a leader again, then a pacifist, then a farmer, then a leader and fighter and on an on. We get it, he's conflicted and unsure of himself. Glen has been completely marginalized and turned into some ***** whipped kid who just *****es and moans and now we have the stylized rock star Daryl equipped with his own David Bowie haircut, undoubtedly a nod to his crazy fandom and immense popularity.

They are relying on the same old lame plot devices as filler. Oh no they're going on another run, ooh they ran into some walkers, make sure they kill them in some cool way, it's so incredibly forced. Uh oh there goes the stupid fence again, something that a 10 year old could figure out a way to secure is failing, again and again and again. Lookout we know people who die turn so lets not lock anyone in a cell because we need the walkers to be a threat, it's just silly, they are in a freaking prison. Time to dig more graves out in the yard.

They are not consistent at all with the writing. Not one main character that got sick dies but everyone else that got sick did or will. Walkers are supposed to be attracted to sound but are often not when the show needs it. The walkers are a huge threat most of the time but then they aren't and easily taken out when needed.

It really bothers me to complain about it cause I love the show so much but it's the beginning of jumping the shark for me. The constant change of writers and show runners is really showing. Hopefully we'll get more episodes like this past week and get it back on track. I don't want mindless violence or huge body counts, I just want better and more interesting writing.

OK sorry rant over lol.
It's so ****ing boring this season and the storylines seem to go nowhere.

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