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Originally Posted by GordonGecko View Post
Rangers STHs didn't have a choice of if they wanted to buy more than they needed, they HAD to buy both games, and the vast majority could not justify the expense for both so one of them is going to be put up for sale and the Islanders game for the most part is it.

There are 100,000+ seats in Yankee Stadium for both games, and probably an average of 10,000-12,000 season ticket accounts per NHL team. It was pretty clear from the beginning there would be a lot left over for Yankee STHs and a general public sale
1st point, I agree. However, I do know STHs who didn't even bother because of the prices.

Disagree on the 2nd point. Considering Isles fans from the get-go were allowed to buy 3 or 4x the number of seats, same for the Devils. Rangers STH were eventually allowed to buy more. Plus, they sold to the mini-plan holders, and weren't Knicks STH given the chance as well? They did everything they could to avoid a public onsale. If the demand for the games, actually the quantity demanded at those prices was as high as the NHL believed, everyone would have been buying their max allocation.

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