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11-21-2013, 10:29 AM
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Originally Posted by Coachtdoig View Post
I have mixed feelings about cross-fit. I have seen some places that are coached very well and everyone only progresses when form is perfect. On the flip side I have seen some disasters where someone is doing a clean, extending in their back and you can tell they are a pull or push away from blowing a disk in their back. Cross-Fit has such a wide range of its good and bad that its tough to generalize it saying that its awesome or awful.

When training you need to have phases where you are setting yourself up to be successful. You need to build a base and then start adding the building blocks to that. If you are building a house you have to dig a hole, pour the concrete and then you start to build the house on top. Our bodies are essentially the same, build a strong base so that your body can functionally stabilize the weight that you start to push around.

I dont do crossfit personally but I have done some of the exercises.

You mention good and bad coaching but this is no different than any other activity including hockey. Many a guy has been injured because of poor coaching in practices.

Also our bodies are not really like houses. Our bodies are capable of adapting. For thousands of years and really up until recently people did not have the luxury of "building a base". They bailed that hay or hunted that lion or they didnt make it. People lived.

Id say more of our injury problems are due to sedentary lifestyles and mixed in with occassional boughts of exercising.

This is were I see a lot of the crossfit issues coming from. People overextending themselves.

The interesting thing is reading about how the soviets ran their sports programs it wasnt all that different than what we now call crossfit. In fact a lot of the exercises are adopted from them.

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