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11-21-2013, 10:42 AM
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Originally Posted by Devourers View Post
I can't believe the level of homerism and lack of MMA knowledge in this thread.

1) I'm a big GSP fan
2) I wanted him to win
3) I know he didn't win
4) The president of the UFC knows it
5) Judges make mistakes all the time in MMA and Boxing
6) Just because people say you have to knock out the champ to win shouldn't make it true, and if that were the case imo if anything there should be no round limit.

If you're honestly trying to tell me this guy:

Beat up this guy:

Then not only are you a big time homer, not only do you drink GSP homer fan kool-aid, but you're simply not a true fan of MMA but rather a fan of GSP who incidentally likes MMA as a result.

It's a sport about mixed martial arts sure, but the object of the sport is to beat your opponent. GSP didn't beat up Hendricks at all, 90% of GSP's hits landed were of little physical significance where as Hendricks hit him with significant strikes time and time again.

You can argue the stats or that round or this round all you want, I expect much better from the champion and I expect much more of the UFC and their judges when a guy who clearly got dominated and had the crap kicked out of him wins a fight. It's ridiculous that GSP won, and I wanted him to win but it hurts when your guy wins with zero honor.

The way I see it if the challenger always has to finish in order to take a belt, even when he gives the champ a serious beating, it should be a fight to the end not 5 rounds. This would force the champ to stop playing it safe and doing ineffective jabs that don't phase his opponent but run up the judges score cards.

It's pathetic that a sport like this has devolved into a "let's play it safe cause we all know how the judges are going to call it" contest where the champions are holding back so much making it a boring fight (in this instance, it backfired but in the end he still wins) just in order to keep their title. If they knew that one person had to finish, they'd approach the fight much differently but since they don't 90% of GSP fights are a snoozefest where he stands back and jabs for 5 rounds.

Usually he deserves the win even though it's lame, but not this time. If you think GSP won that fight re-watch it, only this time take off your homer glasses for a second or two, maybe you'll see the actual fight.
St-Pierre scratches easily and Hendricks don't... St-Pierre did screw up Hendricks more with the legs injury and he did show he had more left in the tank in the 5th round.

Did Hendricks won the fight, yes probably... He did not won the match tho, that's St-Pierre. Need a proof of that look at who got the belt.

It's like de Zibanejad goal in the playoffs... Surely doesn't look like a goal but that goal counted.

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