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11-21-2013, 12:31 PM
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Originally Posted by durojean View Post
St-Pierre scratches easily and Hendricks don't... St-Pierre did screw up Hendricks more with the legs injury and he did show he had more left in the tank in the 5th round.

Did Hendricks won the fight, yes probably... He did not won the match tho, that's St-Pierre. Need a proof of that look at who got the belt.

It's like de Zibanejad goal in the playoffs... Surely doesn't look like a goal but that goal counted.
You know you can get the crap kicked out of you and then get hit breaking some bone of yours. You can be out for longer than the guy you just destroyed. That's completely irrelevant.
GSP landed a solid kick (which was countered with a big knee to the face btw), and kept trying to kick that leg. So there was some internal damage. And you know what, I freaking hope Hendricks walks out of there with some type of damage, imagine going to fight the best fighter in the world and leaving without a scratch?..

In any event, people look at the stats and say, Hmmm GSP landed more significant strikes in rd 1.
Let's look at them. He did land more significant strikes, one more than Hendricks. But why are people disregarding damage/impact of both fighter's strikes? After all it is part of the scoring criteria and there's no way GSP's strikes were more impactful. No way.
GSP landed 1 more significant strike, it was 19-18. But in terms of accuracy, Hendricks got 67% vs GSP's 50%, why aren't people talking about that?
So not only did Hendricks' strikes have more impact, but he also was much more accurate.
Then you can look at the total amount of strikes and Hendricks beat GSP 27-26 (again with much better accuracy).
In terms of take down, GSP went 50%. During his failed attempt, he ate about 5-6 nasty elbows to the side of the head. It made the side of his head turn red.
So Hendricks has one takedown defense. He also went 100% in his takedown attempts, going 1 for 1.

Up to that point, there's really no reason for you to give it to GSP. None. When you look at the overall efficiency of Hendricks, and the impact of his strikes, he clearly wins this round.
But then GSP gets a submission attempt, or at least he had a hold so bad he let it go after 2 seconds. However, fair being fair, it's still a sub. attempt and that counts.

So what people are arguing about is whether or not that submission attempt outweighs the impact and efficiency of Hendricks in round 1. To me, it clearly doesn't. Maybe to the judges it did.
But then again, if the submission attempt is what gives the edge to GSP, then the takedown by Hendricks should have given him the edge over GSP in rd 3.

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