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Originally Posted by ccarrigan View Post
Playing last night against a highly penalized team. Lots of the smaller things aren't getting called (slashes, boarding, trips) which leads to a couple of scuffles late. As it continues the games goes to 8 minors, 3 majors, 2 fights and 3 ejections. Kid got hit and snapped his wrist.

A lot of us felt that if the smaller things were called like they should be, there wouldn't have been as much escalation, ESPECIALLY after the first fight. Thoughts?

(Adult hockey league, B level, non contact.)
It's a double edged sword in my opinion,

From what you are describing, it's very possible, that if more was called, that would have curtailed it, on the other spectrum, it's possible that it wouldn't.

I've seen it fall both ways.

As far as "controlling" the game, to me, that is ALWAYS up to the players, the players decide if they want to hook, slash, whack, etc, is it up to the official to call that, YES, absolutely.

Do you want them to call every penalty, no, of course not, so there is a fine line there.

I had a play last night, where I called a penalty, but absolutely saw the team's point of view, the guy was following a guy full speed, angled into the boards, the guy pulled up quickly and the guy nailed him, completely accidental, and I called it, his reasoning was, how could he know, what else could he have done, my response, probably nothing, but it was a RECKLESS play, and those are called. In adult rec league, there is absolutely no reason on earth, to be going 80 in a 30, INTO the boards, all sorts of nasty things can happen, toe pick yourself, get tripped, forget to stop, etc, all leads to injuries, in this case, the guy that he was chasing stopped up short and turned INTO him, if he had turned the other way, hit from behind, into the boards, 2-3 feet away,

Like I said though, it's a fine line, and it's up to the players to control themselves.

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