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11-21-2013, 11:55 AM
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Ive pretty much said all I can so Im done here but one final word I guess:

It seems like most of you just do not understand that the things done in Crossfit that you all fear are used by everyday athletes everyday in todays world. NHL players, NFL, NBA MLS. Whatever. Some actually join Crossfit or have CF trainers. Others do workouts which look a lot like it but its not called Crossfit.

I am not sticking up for CF per say. CF just happens to be the first company to popularize the type of work outs called Met Cons and functional movement based exercises.

So its up to you to do whatever you want but I believe and will always believe based on my own personal experiences and what I see others accomplish when done right...

That metabolic conditioning is not for the weak. And that if you want to improve efficiently, you have to break the barrier. Soviet Union athletes proved it, modern day athletes are stealing the methods.

So any company that endorses these type of work outs along with the best nutritional advice and stretching techniques is fine by me.

You should just give it a try. What are you afraid of? Doing 100 pulls ups? Even if you do 50, and you cant go one more... you broke your limit. You improved. Dont give up. Just do it

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