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11-21-2013, 12:02 PM
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Originally Posted by Ozz View Post
When people walk themselves into a gym and "teach" themselves what to do, incorrectly, that's their own dumbass fault if they get hurt because they didn't ever learn any better. If one follows a routine - ANY routine - that has a mindset to push yourself to always beat numbers/time or race with compound/explosive lifts, that's only lending to the injury risk.
Okay I lied. Last comment cuz I saw this upon my last comment submission.

You do realize they have Crossfit classes. Introduction classes that spend time to teach you how to do a pull up, a squat and dip a wall ball. There are various classes to explain all this.

U dont just go into a gym and then hit the clock and do what you do for 20 minutes.

You have to take certain classes and then if you wish to work on certain movements then you can go to open gym classes or specified classes further.

The whole argument that its easy to become a certified trainer is irrelevant. Because I know trainers at LA fitness with degrees in fancy science and bio and fitness fields and they dont know much on movement, flexibility or nutrition.

People with degrees means they spent a lot of time in a classroom learning theories. Doesnt mean they listened or did it properly. Like any other degree.

I know some Crossfit certified trainers who are way more experienced in the world of nutrition than doctors are, and more experienced in the world of weight lifting than a trainer at your local gym. (who you might have to pay a bundle to get his time)

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