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11-21-2013, 12:03 PM
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Snow days and the concept originated due to very inclement weather and from a time when kids walked to school rather than being driven. Today snow days occur more through the busses not getting through and representing hazards on the road.

So unlike today dealing with the elements was an actual thing in the past.

As an elementary kid I remember quite a few walks to school through waist high snow. To a school that was either packed or had a lot of people missing depending on overall temp and conditions, For instance 30below and a blizzard.

One of the things I found is its easy enough for a kid to not always know where the sidewalk stops and the road is. Being short in stature the point of reference isn't all that great. Plus that if your head is poking out of piled up snow in blizzard conditions the wind and driving snow is right in your face in a blizzard with it sometimes being difficult to see. Plus that piled up blizzard snow is HARD and you have to force yourself through that. When you're just heavy enough to sink to the bottom, but not strong as an adult its a whole different thing forging through waist high snow. People weren't so faithful at shoveling snow back in the day either.

So yeah, we had occasional snow days and I remember those more than any day ever spent at school.

Let em stay home, its what memories are made of. For a kid one of the wonders of being here and living here is the memorable weather we get.

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