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Originally Posted by swimmer77 View Post
Last year was different but can easily be repeated...........

1. Inconclusive. Why did Markov slow down? Because of what you say or because he's approaching 35 rapidly?

2. This will be a condensed schedule as well because of the Olympics. And let's not forget Markov will be a participant.

3. Subban missing time? There is a risk of injury(s) at anytime with any D that could sideline them for more than that time frame. And this team has extended history of that in the last six years.

If Markov makes it through this season with flying colors I'd be more inclined to think a longer term and a high wage is appealing. But I'm not sold on a knee jerk (no pun intended) decision to extend now because of a few accomplishments after a month and a half.
There is a difference from slowing down as a player as you age or getting worn down and your play in March is not the same as your play in October. The former would not make a player better in game 1 than game 40, the latter can happen to a younger player or an older player.

The schedule this year is nowhere near as condensed as last year. This season it will take 53 days(Nov 22nd) to play 23 games, last year it only took 46(March 5th). That's a week more of of days off in only about 1/4 of the season.

Markov has been back playing for 21 months after his last knee injury or setback. Plus if anything his legs look better this yaer than last, he appears to me to be moving better than at any point last year.

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