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Originally Posted by JDinklage Morgoone View Post
Basically, Shawn Andrews accused McNabb of bullying him. I agree with you to an extent about the bullying. There is no place for homophobic or racial slurs to be used, obviously, but at what point do you stand up for yourself as a grown man and take care of business? Bullying is a problem with children, I am confused how it extends into adulthood. harassment is one thing, but bullying?
As someone who is a left wing, liberal, right on kind of PC euro guy but has played for 15 years on numerous teams in different sports... surely this kind of stuff happens on every single team?! (not the 15k or racism (N word is freaking out of bounds) in Martins case... they were beyond any line... though I have heard comments that could be construed as racism to outsiders on some teams... we had a Nigerian guy whos nickname is 'Brown Bear', and I have 'big, black *******' between two black guys I played with on numerous occasions, which extended to other team members)

Being called gay is literally commonplace in every team I have ever been a part of... (I have very rarely used it, and only when I was younger... but 'girl' and 'manup' I have definitely used recently) but all the time as a jest, usually at guys who preen themselves extensively or are 'soft' when they play, or are the hypochondriac injury types. Insults are bandied about so freely in locker rooms... and most take it how it is meant...

Bullying in my mind is when you are unwillingly insulted or hurt... if you are part of it or give it back, or don't lay lines down at the time and say '**** you all, this aint ok' in my mind it is not really bullying.

I have only seen one guy out of the hundreds I have played with react in a negative way and have pretty much a full on breakdown... and that was off one stupid, insensitive comment that had background with him that no-one else knew about, and if it would have been said to any other member of the team would have been met with an insult back or a wet towel thrown at them, and then a laugh around the room.

I do think though the leaders on these teams need to understand better who are the kind of guys who will join in and be ok with this stuff though... that is usually the crux to a good room.

We had a few guys on a few teams who would get far less stick than others as they could not take it, and you knew that from the outset, as they would usually just stand up and say, 'look guys, **** off... I am not having it.' Or just not join in with it.

If you don't say that... well, everyone else on the team thinks that it is ok, as it is directed at everyone usually...

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