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Originally Posted by CTU2fan View Post
At this point I'm kind of down on Couturier...not really down exactly, but I feel like he'll never develop offensively enough to be more than a straight checking center. Which has value, but if his trade market is still based on thoughts of him becoming a good #2 2-way center then I think they should deal him.

All that said, how much if at all does putting defensive responsibilities on him hinder his development as an offensive player? I'm wondering if asking him to defend the opponent's top line C, pulling him off and on the ice to match him up, basically asking him to put defense it unfair to be critical of him for not progressing the way we all hope?
Basically the crux is that if he plays as he has been used in the last two years it is nigh on impossible for him to break 40 points... as guys who plays those kind of minutes do not get over 40 points.

Dupuis a few years back in the late 30's as a winger in a similar role, and Chris Kelly hit exactly 40 as a similar kind of centre, they are the only guys since the lockout who have played hard 3rd line minutes and been close to over 40. Look at how much Poni's numbers dropped last year as he was used in that role! It stifles offence.

I did a little comparison (maybe earlier in this thread actually) looking at guys with those kind of minutes in recent history, the offensive numbers aint pretty!

Though if Couts is given 45% zone starts, more PP time and slightly easier matchups (a la Staal when in Pitt, Fisher as well recently) I can imagine 50 being within reach. I imagine he gets the 2C role at some point though (Staal in Pitt).

You are seeing with Jordan Staal so far this year what having harder minutes does to offence... he is getting the hardest since his 2nd year... and look what is happening to his offence even with PP time, even though he excels defensively. Though playing on a team that does not score much anyway does not help.

Antoine Vermette is another good example... 50-65 point player with easier minutes, 30-40 point player when playing more of a shutdown role.

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