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11-21-2013, 01:33 PM
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Originally Posted by Henkka View Post
Datsyuk's job tonight is to shut down Erik Staal. Doesn't matter who his wingers are. Shut Staal down, you shut the hurricanes down.

Mule-Z-Nyquist will score us for a win.
That is a complete cop out Henkka and you know it.

Do you know when Datsyuk is at his best defensively? When he's able to play aggressive and play on a line that dominates the puck. The better Datsyuk is offensively the better he is defensively. That's how his game works.

Do you know what one of the many things that Dan Cleary does not excel at is? Puck possession. He's a possession killer and now Babcock has just made our best possession players' job more difficult.

Don't make excuses for it, it's stupid. Just call it for what it is for once. It's stupid. And it's just part of the reason why practically everyone who is a Detroit fan (with the exception of a rare few who make excuses) called the Dan Cleary signing stupid. Because this is what happens when a head coach isn't objective with Dan Cleary. He makes the team worse. And guess what? It's stupid. Holland's not a man for caving in and signing Cleary.

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